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 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Dewey, John III 
b. 12 Dec 1735  Lebanon, New London County, CT  12 Aug 2019
Welles, Abigail 
b. 2 Feb 1730  Colchester, New London County, CT  12 Aug 2019
Downing, Sarah 
b. 7 Jun 1793  Brooke County, VA  12 Aug 2019
Downing, Adam 
b. 6 Nov 1792  Virginia  12 Aug 2019
Downing, Hugh 
b. 30 Mar 1789  Washington County, PA  12 Aug 2019
Downing, James III 
b. 1786  Washington County, PA  12 Aug 2019
Downing, Susannah 
b. 23 Jan 1780  Washington County, PA  12 Aug 2019
Downing, Drusilla 
b. 21 Sep 1775  Washington County, PA  12 Aug 2019
   12 Aug 2019
Laughlin, Adam 
   12 Aug 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I702128  James Downing  I702129  Sarah Laughlin  1774  12 Aug 2019
 I702126  John Cuppy, Jr.  I702127  Elizabeth De Vore, Jr.  1779  12 Aug 2019
 I702123  Benjamin Piggott  I702124  Mary Hadley  22 Feb 1756  12 Aug 2019
 I160348  Joseph Keyes, II  I160349  Rebekah, II    12 Aug 2019
 I160138  Stephen Harding, III  I160315  Sarah Carpenter, III  1802  12 Aug 2019
 I702119  Stephen Harding, II  I702120  Martha Marsh, II    12 Aug 2019
 I702097  Johannes Gluck  I702098  Anna Magdalena Herr  28 Apr 1744  12 Aug 2019
 I702175  Johann George Glick  I702177  Margaret Herr    12 Aug 2019
 I702175  Johann George Glick  I702176  Mary Elizabeth Herr    12 Aug 2019
 I160290  George Elsworth  I160291  Nancy Bowerman  3 Nov 1802  12 Aug 2019


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