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 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Hill, Hannah 
b. 1692/1693   12 Dec 2017
Hill, Sarah 
b. 1683/1684   12 Dec 2017
Twitchell, Hannah 
b. 8 Sep 1660  Dorchester, Suffolk County, MA  12 Dec 2017
Hill, Ephraim 
b. 1688   12 Dec 2017
Hill, Samuel 
b. Abt 1654  Dorchester, Suffolk County, MA  12 Dec 2017
Hicks, Gideon 
   12 Dec 2017
Brett, Alice 
b. Abt 1652  Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA  12 Dec 2017
Hayward, Joseph 
b. 1656  Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA  12 Dec 2017
Hayward, Abigail 
b. 1702   12 Dec 2017
Hayward, Peter 
b. 1699   12 Dec 2017

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I70581  Samuel Hill  I70582  Hannah Twitchell  4 Nov 1679  12 Dec 2017
 I230815  William Brett  I230816  Margaret Ford    12 Dec 2017
 I490990  Joseph Hayward  I684400  Alice Brett    12 Dec 2017
 I490990  Joseph Hayward  I684392  Hannah Mitchell  Bef 1683  12 Dec 2017
 I77745  Thomas Hayward  I77746  Susanna Towne  Bef 1632  12 Dec 2017
 I327871  Josiah Haynes  I327872  Persis Knight  9 Aug 1721  12 Dec 2017
 I124255  John Haynes, Jr.  I467609  Ruth Roper, Jr.  19 Apr 1683  12 Dec 2017
 I684385  Peter Parker  I684386  Ruth Eaton    12 Dec 2017
 I684380  Jesse Haven  I684381  Catherine Marsh    12 Dec 2017
 I380288  Luther Haven  I684382  Experience Parker    12 Dec 2017


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