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 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Welch, Derua 
b. Abt 1800  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017
Welch, Almer Risden 
b. Abt 1797  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017
Welch, Arsa 
b. Abt 1794  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017
Welch, Walter 
b. Abt 1792  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017
Andrus, David 
b. Abt 1779  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017
Welch, Sally 
b. 18 Apr 1790  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017
Welch, Drue 
b. Abt 1787  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017
Welch, Arcena 
b. Abt 1786  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017
Clark, Asahel 
b. Abt 1780  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017
Welch, Polly 
b. 31 Jul 1782  Pawlet, Rutland County, VT  19 Oct 2017

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I147529  Daniel Welch  I680999  Catherine Risden  28 May 1777  19 Oct 2017
 I681008  David Andrus  I681007  Sally Welch  31 Dec 1807  19 Oct 2017
 I681004  Asahel Clark  I681003  Polly Welch  10 Jan 1802  19 Oct 2017
 I147529  Daniel Welch  I680998  Polly Bryant    19 Oct 2017
 I228253  Hopestill Welch  I228254  Alice Woodward  12 May 1762  19 Oct 2017
 I333965  John Welch  I333966  Susannah (Emins) Emmons  11 Mar 1718  19 Oct 2017
 I639195  Stephen Griffin  I639196  Mary Delacey  Abt 1737  19 Oct 2017
 I71668  Israel Burritt  I558572  Sarah Chauncey  Aft 6 Feb 1730/1731  19 Oct 2017
 I240756  Samuel Bancroft  I240757  Sarah White  16 Dec 1736  19 Oct 2017
 I85225  Ithamar Parsons  I558564  Sarah    19 Oct 2017


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