Day Family Genealogy
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Otsego County, NY


Latitude: 42.5779779, Longitude: -75.0611147


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amanda A.  17 Mar 1808Otsego County, NY I184558
2 Curtis  Otsego County, NY I515436
3 Adams, Frederick Morse  1841Otsego County, NY I329271
4 Adams, Mary Ellena  18 Jan 1848Otsego County, NY I176841
5 Adams, William Vanrenselaer  23 Aug 1816Otsego County, NY I362330
6 Aldrich, Benjamin C.  1813Otsego County, NY I199417
7 Angell, Almira  26 Apr 1806Otsego County, NY I241894
8 Angell, Philena  23 Mar 1808Otsego County, NY I243126
9 Babbitt, Josiah  Abt 1797Otsego County, NY I690552
10 Baker, Clarissa A  26 Jul 1821Otsego County, NY I690570
11 Baker, Melinda  18 Jul 1802Otsego County, NY I690551
12 Barnes, Hannah  13 May 1805Otsego County, NY I202892
13 Bellinger, Betsey  25 Jun 1805Otsego County, NY I278673
14 Bellinger, Catherine  1818Otsego County, NY I278683
15 Bellinger, Daniel Lawrence  9 Dec 1812Otsego County, NY I278677
16 Bellinger, John  5 Nov 1810Otsego County, NY I278674
17 Bellinger, Julia Ann  9 Sep 1808Otsego County, NY I200350
18 Bellinger, Louisa  1815Otsego County, NY I278682
19 Bemis, Anna Maria  4 Oct 1811Otsego County, NY I362331
20 Birdsall, John Gadsby  3 Jun 1895Otsego County, NY I688947
21 Bishop, George Washington  29 Dec 1803Otsego County, NY I624632
22 Black, William  Abt 1801Otsego County, NY I243124
23 Blake, Homer  1788Otsego County, NY I671729
24 Bowdish, Lucy  11 Nov 1786Otsego County, NY I528009
25 Brown, Maria L.  1829-1830Otsego County, NY I184428
26 Bundy, Sarah Maria Sally  13 May 1796Otsego County, NY I352771
27 Chamberlain, Elisha Spencer  Sep 1815Otsego County, NY I216121
28 Clark, Ann M.  24 Apr 1830Otsego County, NY I502031
29 Clark, Lucinda  1804Otsego County, NY I137898
30 Cook, Mercy N.  Abt 1844Otsego County, NY I242952
31 Cook, Polly  Abt 1833Otsego County, NY I242902
32 Coss, Martha M.  Abt 1832Otsego County, NY I242966
33 Curtis, Eugene  25 Jun 1863Otsego County, NY I515437
34 Day, Erastus E. Jr.  15 Oct 1808Otsego County, NY I22538
35 Day, John W.  13 Sep 1810Otsego County, NY I22539
36 Day, Martha  11 Mar 1807Otsego County, NY I514917
37 Day, Uriel  10 Dec 1810Otsego County, NY I22573
38 Doud, Orrin S.  Abt 1846Otsego County, NY I184636
39 Eddy, Amanda  Abt 1806Otsego County, NY I207092
40 Eddy, Amy  Abt 1804Otsego County, NY I207091
41 Eddy, Deborah  22 Mar 1792Otsego County, NY I207094
42 Eddy, Harry  Abt 1798Otsego County, NY I207089
43 Eddy, Phoebe  Abt 1800Otsego County, NY I207090
44 Elderkin, Laura Louisa  Abt 1776Otsego County, NY I478638
45 Fletcher, John Franklin  21 Oct 1851Otsego County, NY I454884
46 Fletcher, Myanda Adaline  21 May 1849Otsego County, NY I454882
47 Fletcher, Savilla Deatte  10 Dec 1845Otsego County, NY I454877
48 Fletcher, William Henry  9 Aug 1843Otsego County, NY I454875
49 Freeman), Harriet (Mrs.  Abt 1826Otsego County, NY I454897
50 French, John  8 Oct 1789Otsego County, NY I654357

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Vermilyea, Rosina Santje (Cynthia)  Otsego County, NY I170787


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbe, Samuel  Otsego County, NY I90184
2 Anderson, Lemuel  16 Feb 1845Otsego County, NY I20095
3 Babbitt, Josiah  18 Mar 1853Otsego County, NY I690552
4 Baker, Melinda  Oct 1870Otsego County, NY I690551
5 Betts, Franklin  31 Oct 1857Otsego County, NY I331140
6 Birdsall, John Gadsby  25 Sep 1942Otsego County, NY I688947
7 Black, Hannah H.  24 Feb 1875Otsego County, NY I242886
8 Black, James  1853Otsego County, NY I242888
9 Black, Rufus  Otsego County, NY I242885
10 Black, William  Otsego County, NY I242883
11 Bowdish, William Sweet  18 May 1848Otsego County, NY I527993
12 Calkins, William  4 Dec 1831Otsego County, NY I514373
13 Caulkins, Nelson  25 Jan 1882Otsego County, NY I454907
14 Clapp, Phebe  Otsego County, NY I614332
15 Comstock, William  Between 1790-1800Otsego County, NY I520980
16 Cooper, Mary Jane  21 Feb 1915Otsego County, NY I397219
17 Douglas, Hannah  19 Oct 1819Otsego County, NY I514436
18 Elderkin, Laura Louisa  22 Mar 1800Otsego County, NY I478638
19 Ferris, John  18 Jan 1870Otsego County, NY I243117
20 Fuller, Laura  16 Aug 1821Otsego County, NY I25149
21 Gifford, Martha  Aft 28 Aug 1850Otsego County, NY I391030
22 Gorton, William  1852Otsego County, NY I261170
23 Guile, John Jr.  1800-1801Otsego County, NY I345563
24 Hall, Rachel  9 Jun 1860Otsego County, NY I20096
25 Holcombe, Zephaniah  16 Mar 1822Otsego County, NY I404487
26 Hunting, Mary  4 Mar 1849Otsego County, NY I202831
27 Jones, Abel  10 Nov 1812Otsego County, NY I646787
28 Jones, Louisianna  17 Sep 1887Otsego County, NY I646790
29 Kelso, Susannah  Otsego County, NY I242890
30 Kinney, William  15 Sep 1884Otsego County, NY I690628
31 Lent, Samuel  27 Apr 1856Otsego County, NY I454911
32 McCulloch, Electa  8 Apr 1861Otsego County, NY I576193
33 Mercer, Ann  25 Nov 1851Otsego County, NY I331215
34 Painter, Betsy Tennant  Otsego County, NY I196355
35 Palmer, Lois  28 Aug 1833Otsego County, NY I653870
36 Pope, Timothy  10 Nov 1835Otsego County, NY I614736
37 Ransom, Joshua  Otsego County, NY I166454
38 Rexford, Joseph  13 Sep 1815Otsego County, NY I299594
39 Robinson, John  1 Jun 1805Otsego County, NY I614330
40 Root, Daniel  13 Oct 1834Otsego County, NY I681544
41 Rose, Franklin Norman  2 Feb 1956Otsego County, NY I690627
42 Sage, Louisianna  22 Aug 1828Otsego County, NY I646788
43 Shipman, Samuel  25 May 1823Otsego County, NY I682656
44 Spencer, Phineas  24 Jan 1817Otsego County, NY I299725
45 Sprague, Joseph  14 Mar 1809Otsego County, NY I575918
46 Sprague, Rachel Ann  27 Jan 1819Otsego County, NY I576184
47 Stickney, Hannah  18 Apr 1812Otsego County, NY I614737
48 Van Horne, Cornelius  14 Oct 1869Otsego County, NY I474797
49 Van Horne, Daniel  19 Jan 1832Otsego County, NY I502040
50 VanHorne, Abraham B.  28 Jun 1857Otsego County, NY I500551

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brown, Lydia  Otsego County, NY I167919
2 Morse, Daniel  Otsego County, NY I167935
3 Morse, Stephen  Otsego County, NY I167918
4 Newcomb, David  Otsego County, NY I425974
5 Skiff, Benjamin  Otsego County, NY I24638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Day, Harry  2 May 1786Otsego County, NY I22507
2 Fuller, Lucina R.  25 Jan 1793Otsego County, NY I167829


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Day, Gideon  4 Jul 1849Otsego County, NY I514889
2 Stickney, Eliphalet  1827Otsego County, NY I614702


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Angell / Viena  1807Otsego County, NY F84029
2 Babcock / Kinne  Aug 1781Otsego County, NY F139698
3 Bliss / Rose  Abt 1842Otsego County, NY F121515
4 Chapin / Patchin  Apr 1830Otsego County, NY F87097
5 Day / Chamberlin  7 Mar 1807Otsego County, NY F8585
6 Day / Willard  Dec 1807Otsego County, NY F8576
7 Doud / Phillips  4 Feb 1818Otsego County, NY F63395
8 Ferris / Black  29 Dec 1804Otsego County, NY F84024
9 Guy / Stickney  Otsego County, NY F222458
10 Hall / Klumph  1806Otsego County, NY F122948
11 Manchester / Wickham  Otsego County, NY F233736
12 Manchester / Winnie  Otsego County, NY F233739
13 Pope / Angel  22 May 1794Otsego County, NY F157246
14 Pope / Stickney  Abt 1794Otsego County, NY F222468
15 Pratt / Gillett  1833Otsego County, NY F233705
16 Ransom / Elderkin  1 Dec 1796Otsego County, NY F172035
17 Ransom / Flint  24 Sep 1803Otsego County, NY F162191
18 Skiff / Morse  1825Otsego County, NY F9494
19 Stanton / Palmer  13 Dec 1795Otsego County, NY F140273
20 Sumner / Gregory  3 Nov 1853Otsego County, NY F92610
21 Tanner / Angell  5 Feb 1835Otsego County, NY F84030
22 Van Horne / Pickens  19 Apr 1849Otsego County, NY F181127
23 Wade / Painter  Abt 1801Otsego County, NY F66447
24 Walker / Gould  17 Jul 1875Otsego County, NY F163504
25 Wedderspoon / Van Horne  6 Jan 1849Otsego County, NY F181128


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