Day Family Genealogy
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Wells, York County, ME


Latitude: 43.3222329, Longitude: -70.5805209


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Dorothy  6 Sep 1707Wells, York County, ME I350756
2 Ayers, Abigail  Abt 1762Wells, York County, ME I110403
3 Barrett, Elizabeth  Abt 1665Wells, York County, ME I345916
4 Bourne, Deborah  1782Wells, York County, ME I414329
5 Bowles, Elizabeth  15 Jan 1651Wells, York County, ME I128251
6 Bowles, Samuel  12 May 1646Wells, York County, ME I103555
7 Brettun, William  Abt 1678Wells, York County, ME I658540
8 Cheney, Benjamin C.  18 May 1763Wells, York County, ME I350734
9 Cheney, Daniel  10 Jan 1729Wells, York County, ME I350759
10 Cheney, Joseph  7 Feb 1726Wells, York County, ME I350749
11 Cheney, Reuben  17 Jan 1732Wells, York County, ME I350760
12 Cole, Jane  1677Wells, York County, ME I57307
13 Cousins, Susanna  Wells, York County, ME I409079
14 Cross, Sarah Mary  Wells, York County, ME I139209
15 Day, Asa  1765-1766Wells, York County, ME I192872
16 Day, Esther  21 Sep 1735Wells, York County, ME I192879
17 Day, Joseph Jr.  1786Wells, York County, ME I591114
18 Day, Marston W.  Abt 1859Wells, York County, ME I591131
19 Day, Nathaniel  1755Wells, York County, ME I192839
20 Day, William  12 Jul 1731Wells, York County, ME I192853
21 Day, William Jr.  Abt 1754Wells, York County, ME I192871
22 Emerson, Lucy Ann  2 Oct 1667Wells, York County, ME I265995
23 Gooch, Elizabeth  1673Wells, York County, ME I414403
24 Goodale, Elizabeth  Abt 1708Wells, York County, ME I192870
25 Goodale, Esther  Abt 1707Wells, York County, ME I667568
26 Goodall, Abigail  Abt 1725Wells, York County, ME I110420
27 Hobbs, Hans Patten  29 Nov 1797Wells, York County, ME I606164
28 Hubbard, Eunice  13 May 1757Wells, York County, ME I350735
29 Hubbard, John Heard  23 Aug 1725Wells, York County, ME I350751
30 Kimball, George Washington  4 Oct 1826Wells, York County, ME I413962
31 Kimball, Israel  26 Jan 1812Wells, York County, ME I684215
32 Kimball, Ivory E  25 Sep 1805Wells, York County, ME I684212
33 Kimball, Richard  Mar 1707Wells, York County, ME I684221
34 Kimball, Wilbraham  18 Sep 1778Wells, York County, ME I414328
35 Knight, Elizabeth  1 Feb 1645Wells, York County, ME I131965
36 Littlefield, Caleb  Sep 1659Wells, York County, ME I535010
37 Littlefield, Deborah  25 Apr 1702Wells, York County, ME I192896
38 Littlefield, Dorothy  20 Jun 1734Wells, York County, ME I192852
39 Littlefield, Edmund  1653Wells, York County, ME I103523
40 Littlefield, Elizabeth  1678Wells, York County, ME I128339
41 Littlefield, Nathan  1659Wells, York County, ME I345915
42 Littlefield, Samuel  Abt 1712Wells, York County, ME I192869
43 Low, William  Abt 1707Wells, York County, ME I110419
44 Maxwell, Emma Amanda  2 Oct 1858Wells, York County, ME I551770
45 Mills, Sarah  1648Wells, York County, ME I621011
46 Mills, Susanna  1655Wells, York County, ME I621010
47 Montague, Mary  1642Wells, York County, ME I35420
48 Perkins, Anna  23 May 1741Wells, York County, ME I605716
49 Perkins, Daniel Sr.  25 Jun 1752Wells, York County, ME I605729
50 Perkins, David  Abt 1739Wells, York County, ME I605715

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cheney, Benjamin C.  9 May 1763Wells, York County, ME I350734
2 Day, Dorcas  7 May 1727Wells, York County, ME I192877
3 Day, Esther  21 Dec 1735Wells, York County, ME I192879
4 Day, Hannah  7 May 1727Wells, York County, ME I192878
5 Day, Patience  7 May 1727Wells, York County, ME I192880
6 Day, William  18 Jul 1731Wells, York County, ME I192853
7 Hilton, Patience  Abt 1690Wells, York County, ME I192867
8 Hubbard, Eunice  13 May 1757Wells, York County, ME I350735
9 Hubbard, John Heard  23 Aug 1735Wells, York County, ME I350751
10 Kimball, Israel  29 Apr 1750Wells, York County, ME I684210
11 Littlefield, Dorothy  30 Jun 1734Wells, York County, ME I192852
12 Low, Sarah  31 Dec 1738Wells, York County, ME I110416
13 Neal, Hannah  25 Jan 1756Wells, York County, ME I350752
14 Stewart, Roccas  2 Jun 1735Wells, York County, ME I350750
15 Stewart, Samuel  2 Jul 1704Wells, York County, ME I350755
16 Stuart, Amos  28 Oct 1722Wells, York County, ME I136410
17 Stuart, Dorcas  26 Aug 1718Wells, York County, ME I136409
18 Stuart, Jeremiah  27 May 1716Wells, York County, ME I136408
19 Stuart, John  5 Aug 1709Wells, York County, ME I136406
20 Stuart, Joseph  28 Nov 1706Wells, York County, ME I136378
21 Stuart, Samuel  2 Jul 1704Wells, York County, ME I136405
22 Stuart, Zebulon  20 May 1713Wells, York County, ME I136407


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Agnes  12 Dec 1677Wells, York County, ME I103565
2 Bolles, Joseph  1678Wells, York County, ME I131926
3 Cheney, Joseph  1817Wells, York County, ME I350749
4 Cloyes, Abigail  6 Apr 1704Wells, York County, ME I621005
5 Cloyes, John  1713Wells, York County, ME I120051
6 Cloyes, Mary  1750Wells, York County, ME I621006
7 Cloyes, Nathaniel  1722Wells, York County, ME I120052
8 Cousens, Thomas  1690Wells, York County, ME I129156
9 Cross, Joseph  18 Jun 1684Wells, York County, ME I658659
10 Day, Esther  10 Oct 1836Wells, York County, ME I192879
11 Day, Patience  Abt 1800Wells, York County, ME I192880
12 Gooch, John Jr.  1672Wells, York County, ME I573662
13 Goodale, Zachariah  30 Jun 1715Wells, York County, ME I125541
14 Goodale, Zechariah  1747Wells, York County, ME I110423
15 Harmon, James  Bef 1680Wells, York County, ME I435962
16 Hill, Hannah  30 Jan 1748Wells, York County, ME I139204
17 Hilton, Patience  29 Dec 1788Wells, York County, ME I192867
18 Hubbard, John Heard  23 Aug 1790Wells, York County, ME I350751
19 Kimball, Stephen  15 Jul 1888Wells, York County, ME I684213
20 Littlefield, Anthony  1662Wells, York County, ME I103556
21 Littlefield, Edmund (Edmond)  11 Dec 1661Wells, York County, ME I103564
22 Littlefield, Elizabeth  Aft 1676Wells, York County, ME I139902
23 Littlefield, Nathan  1689Wells, York County, ME I345915
24 Littlefield, Sarah  Jan 1734Wells, York County, ME I73778
25 Littlefield, Tabitha  1736Wells, York County, ME I615872
26 Littlefield, Thomas  5 May 1689Wells, York County, ME I435192
27 Low, Job  Aft 1759Wells, York County, ME I110421
28 Marston, Mary Abigail  18 Apr 1664Wells, York County, ME I621009
29 Mills, Sarah  1719Wells, York County, ME I621011
30 Mills, Thomas  1671Wells, York County, ME I482508
31 Neal, Hannah  Wells, York County, ME I350752
32 Perkins, Elisha  Abt 1804Wells, York County, ME I605711
33 Perkins, Hannah  27 Jan 1821Wells, York County, ME I605724
34 Perkins, Jacob Jr.  2 Nov 1742Wells, York County, ME I605704
35 Perkins, Jacob  19 Mar 1770Wells, York County, ME I602171
36 Perkins, Jeremiah  14 Dec 1786Wells, York County, ME I605744
37 Perkins, John  28 May 1795Wells, York County, ME I602118
38 Perkins, Mary  26 Nov 1832Wells, York County, ME I605725
39 Perkins, Mary May  26 Jan 1727Wells, York County, ME I219706
40 Perkins, Newman  Abt 1820Wells, York County, ME I605713
41 Pope, Lydia  20 May 1831Wells, York County, ME I605042
42 Preble, Lydia  Abt 1700Wells, York County, ME I573663
43 Sawyer, William  7 Jun 1718Wells, York County, ME I73776
44 Sherman, Samuel  Aft 1779Wells, York County, ME I385635
45 Stewart, Roccas  6 Jan 1817Wells, York County, ME I350750
46 Stewart, Samuel  11 Mar 1752Wells, York County, ME I350774
47 Storer, Joseph  12 Jan 1729Wells, York County, ME I139203
48 Symonds, William  22 May 1679Wells, York County, ME I96068
49 Wadleigh, John  15 Feb 1674Wells, York County, ME I621008
50 Wadleigh, Mary  1661Wells, York County, ME I482509

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Day, Patience  Abt 1800Wells, York County, ME I192880
2 Hubbard, John Heard  23 Aug 1790Wells, York County, ME I350751
3 Symonds, William  27 May 1679Wells, York County, ME I96068


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Day, Phebe  7 May 1726Wells, York County, ME I142472


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Day, Susanna  1695Wells, York County, ME I573667
2 Mills, Mary  Abt 1652Wells, York County, ME I482507


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Perkins, Jacob  15 Oct 1772Wells, York County, ME I602171


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ayers / Low  4 Sep 1761Wells, York County, ME F38900
2 Bolles / Howell  June 1640Wells, York County, ME F46136
3 Bolton / McLellan  27 Aug 1727Wells, York County, ME F192978
4 Bowles / Edgecomb  8 Jan 1699Wells, York County, ME F182255
5 Cheney / Hubbard  16 Jun 1783Wells, York County, ME F125270
6 Cheney / Stewart  26 Jan 1750Wells, York County, ME F125274
7 Cloyes / Mills  1681Wells, York County, ME F173587
8 Day / Littlefield  6 Mar 1755Wells, York County, ME F65813
9 Day / Pendexter  15 Dec 1791Wells, York County, ME F65811
10 Frost / Bowles  1666Wells, York County, ME F182899
11 Goodale / Cousins  22 May 1700Wells, York County, ME F38904
12 Goodale / Mathews  12 Oct 1738Wells, York County, ME F45100
13 Gorham / Littlefield  Bef 1707Wells, York County, ME F123595
14 Hammond / Storer  19 Sep 1699Wells, York County, ME F183089
15 Hill / Cross  1 Nov 1658Wells, York County, ME F48818
16 Kimball / Bourne  20 Oct 1804Wells, York County, ME F147395
17 Kimball / Shackley  6 Aug 1740Wells, York County, ME F245025
18 Littlefield / Littlefield)  Abt 1653Wells, York County, ME F155610
19 Littlefield / Page  1652Wells, York County, ME F36112
20 Littlefield / Perkins  28 Aug 1764Wells, York County, ME F219243
21 Low / Wormwood  17 Apr 1701Wells, York County, ME F38903
22 Mills / Wadleigh  August 1642Wells, York County, ME F173588
23 Perkins / Sawyer  13 Mar 1743Wells, York County, ME F219235
24 Sawyer / Littlefield  Jun 1677Wells, York County, ME F27037
25 Wheeler / Rowe  26 Oct 1850Wells, York County, ME F227204


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