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Wales, Great Britain


Latitude: 52.1306607, Longitude: -3.7837117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Esther  Abt 1723Wales, Great Britain I176146
2 Sarah  Abt 1623Wales, Great Britain I227550
3 Apthorp, John  Wales, Great Britain I138665
4 Aylworth, Arthur  1656Wales, Great Britain I160892
5 Bayton, Thomas Herbert  16 Feb 1880Wales, Great Britain I27601
6 Bingaman, Lydia  Abt 1792Wales, Great Britain I193899
7 Bobet, Edward (Babbitt)  1626-1627Wales, Great Britain I224194
8 Bowen, Alice  1623Wales, Great Britain I132644
9 Bowen, George  1631Wales, Great Britain I294661
10 Bowen, Richard  1624Wales, Great Britain I294658
11 Bowen, Sarah  1616Wales, Great Britain I228485
12 Bowen, Thomas  1624-1625Wales, Great Britain I294660
13 Bowen, William  1637Wales, Great Britain I294662
14 Calkins, Hugh  1600Wales, Great Britain I76201
15 Carrier, Thomas  1626Wales, Great Britain I40553
16 Chaloner, Ursulowe (Ursula)  Wales, Great Britain I116925
17 Cobb, Samuel  25 Aug 1716Wales, Great Britain I172875
18 Cutt, John  Wales, Great Britain I96172
19 Daniels, John  1643Wales, Great Britain I72574
20 Davis, John  Wales, Great Britain I339063
21 Davis, William  Abt 1617Wales, Great Britain I330972
22 Day, Robert  1518Wales, Great Britain I116924
23 Driscoll, Anna  16 Dec 1861Wales, Great Britain I182770
24 Edwards, Alexander  Abt 1610Wales, Great Britain I35815
25 Ellis, Richard  Abt 1678Wales, Great Britain I181086
26 Ferguson, Elizabeth  1617Wales, Great Britain I36340
27 Flint, Thomas  Abt 1619Wales, Great Britain I145416
28 George, Harry  Apr 1863Wales, Great Britain I292957
29 Griffin, Jaspar  1648Wales, Great Britain I284908
30 Griffin, John  1608Wales, Great Britain I47839
31 Griffith, Johan  1583Wales, Great Britain I170323
32 Griffith, Margaret  Wales, Great Britain I117065
33 Griffith, Seth  1736Wales, Great Britain I502958
34 Hughes, Henry Freeman  1723Wales, Great Britain I259136
35 Jones, Griffith  1614-1620Wales, Great Britain I77005
36 Landffort, Ann  1587Wales, Great Britain I170324
37 Langford, Ann  Abt 1587Wales, Great Britain I50054
38 Lloyd, Elizabeth  1783Wales, Great Britain I30345
39 Madoc, Howell  Wales, Great Britain I117096
40 Madoc, Maud  Wales, Great Britain I117095
41 Merrick, John  1614Wales, Great Britain I161114
42 Merwin, Miles  1 Feb 1622/1623Wales, Great Britain I48111
43 Miller, Cynthia  Wales, Great Britain I354293
44 Morgan, Elizabeth  Abt 1798Wales, Great Britain I273058
45 Nichols, Thomas  Abt 1624Wales, Great Britain I89362
46 Owen, John  25 Dec 1624Wales, Great Britain I46213
47 Pengruffwnd, John (Griffin)  Abt 1583Wales, Great Britain I50053
48 Powell, Rowland  1629-1634Wales, Great Britain I214272
49 Randall, Elizabeth  Abt 1617Wales, Great Britain I260262
50 Rees, John  Abt 1723Wales, Great Britain I176145

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chaloner, Ursulowe (Ursula)  Wales, Great Britain I116925
2 Day, Nicholas (Dee)  Wales, Great Britain I117066
3 Day, Richard (Worfield)  Wales, Great Britain I117067
4 Day, Robert  Wales, Great Britain I116924
5 Dee, John  Wales, Great Britain I23048
6 Dee, Morgan  Wales, Great Britain I23046
7 Dee, Richard  Wales, Great Britain I117064
8 Griffith, Margaret  Wales, Great Britain I117065
9 Madoc, Howell  Wales, Great Britain I117096
10 Madoc, Maud  Wales, Great Britain I117095
11 Osborne, Elizabeth  Wales, Great Britain I117068


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Yale, Elihu  Wales, Great Britain I99406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowen, Obadiah  3 Jan 1625/1626Wales, Great Britain I203703
2 Winn, Anne  1629Wales, Great Britain I37183


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Day / Chaloner  Bef 1537Wales, Great Britain F41456
2 Day / Osborne  Wales, Great Britain F41507
3 Dee / Madoc  Wales, Great Britain F8736


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