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New York state


Latitude: 43.2994285, Longitude: -74.2179326


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott  Abt 1803New York state I487064
2 Benah  Abt 1847New York state I219057
3 Budd  New York state I587886
4 Caroline  Abt 1847New York state I657076
5 Charity  Between 1740-1752New York state I668139
6 Charlotte  24 Mar 1781New York state I241925
7 Charlotte  Abt 1833New York state I281049
8 Cherille  1844New York state I25176
9 Clarissa J.  1831New York state I290810
10 Clark  Abt 1836New York state I25175
11 Cora M.  Jan 1868New York state I310500
12 Cornelia  Abt 1824New York state I519972
13 Dorothy  Abt 1862New York state I535325
14 Edith S.  Abt 1892New York state I595166
15 Edna M  Abt 1885New York state I520531
16 Eleanor C.  1837New York state I639574
17 Elizabeth  Abt 1814New York state I645264
18 Elnora  Abt 1832New York state I157961
19 Emerette B.  1838New York state I612901
20 Emily  Abt 1840New York state I646078
21 Emma J.  Abt 1835New York state I219055
22 Emma L.  Apr 1860New York state I239457
23 Eunice  Abt 1764New York state I594333
24 Evie L.  Sep 1867New York state I496300
25 Florence  Abt 1854New York state I519303
26 Frances A.  17 Nov 1844New York state I612906
27 Fredrim  1744New York state I61726
28 Freelove  1802New York state I150104
29 Hellen M.  Abt 1826New York state I276053
30 Hester  1821New York state I639566
31 Ida S.  1875New York state I639602
32 Jennie W.  Abt 1848New York state I299466
33 Libbie A  Abt 1844New York state I522545
34 Lois P.  1817New York state I36673
35 Louisa  Abt 1846New York state I522548
36 Lucy A.  Dec 1834New York state I277351
37 Malissa A.  Abt 1854New York state I588081
38 Margaret  Abt 1806New York state I594321
39 Mary  Abt 1783New York state I531250
40 Mary  Abt 1828New York state I645991
41 Mary  Abt 1855New York state I647452
42 Mary  Abt 1862New York state I239454
43 Mary A.  1819-1820New York state I621949
44 Mary E  1829New York state I290812
45 Mildred F.  1886New York state I240417
46 Nancy L.  Abt 1886New York state I595164
47 Nancy M  Mar 1822New York state I657733
48 Pettis  Abt 1782New York state I495081
49 Phebe A.  1826New York state I239432
50 Potter  Abt 1841New York state I494971

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Knickerbocker, Cornelia  1759New York state I195248
2 Knickerbocker, Jannetje  1755New York state I195247
3 Post, Margarita  6 Jun 1657New York state I306735
4 Schack, Augusta Temple Merritt  New York state I235675
5 Wyngaert, Kathrin (Cathrin)  New York state I196136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen  Abt 1814New York state I239304
2 Lena A  18 Sep 1967New York state I661288
3 Nancy  New York state I250405
4 Robinson  New York state I256093
5 Robinson  New York state I358698
6 Adams, Azor  Aft 1857New York state I362332
7 Adams, Chloe  1811New York state I256978
8 Adams, David Laverne  31 May 1898New York state I291387
9 Adams, Ellis  New York state I209141
10 Addoms, Everett  2 Jan 1927New York state I330205
11 Alexander, Gaius  22 Sep 1863New York state I248903
12 Allard, Elvira  13 Oct 1843New York state I290712
13 Allard, Lidia J.  1913New York state I290720
14 Allen, Gertrude D.  10 Sep 1996New York state I549866
15 Allen, Jonathan  Between 1835-1840New York state I634165
16 Allen, Jonathan  Aft 1840New York state I392100
17 Allen, Martha  1786New York state I178773
18 Allyn, Ira  1885New York state I655552
19 Angell, Stephen  Abt June 1804New York state I573550
20 Appley, Harrison Van Renseleer  21 Dec 1914New York state I563863
21 Ashley, Joseph  New York state I67412
22 Ashley, Joseph  New York state I232735
23 Atwater, Ichabod  9 Jun 1845New York state I632383
24 Austin, Joshua II  16 Aug 1848New York state I387277
25 Austin, William H.  30 Sep 1878New York state I36730
26 Axtell, Alexander  1828New York state I207180
27 Ayers, Joseph  1883New York state I86082
28 Babcock, Charles Sr.  1816New York state I389506
29 Badcock, Nahum  9 Jul 1776New York state I668508
30 Baker, Eunice J.  4 May 1862New York state I630518
31 Baker, Thomas Potter  1825New York state I250637
32 Bancroft, Festus Francis  1888New York state I216605
33 Banister, Roswell F.  June 1957New York state I292940
34 Bannister, Ruth  27 Feb 1871New York state I342509
35 Barber, Abigail  1798New York state I51013
36 Barber, Deborah Dexter  New York state I558621
37 Barber, Lydia  5 Apr 1825New York state I659307
38 Barker, Charles Russell  Apr 1974New York state I44180
39 Barnes, Annie Robinson  Aft 1920New York state I244567
40 Barnes, Richard Storrs  25 Dec 1913New York state I225797
41 Barnes, Sarah Frances  Bef 1900New York state I244570
42 Bates, Hannah  1852New York state I111313
43 Baxter, Elsie Adaline  11 Jan 1881New York state I563279
44 Baxter, Fred Jay  10 Mar 1964New York state I566693
45 Baxter, Mary E.  24 Jan 1848New York state I563272
46 Beach, Gershom  1 Apr 1823New York state I634994
47 Beebe, Elizabeth  Abt 1870New York state I202067
48 Beebe, Joshua  Abt 1778New York state I465168
49 Beebe, Mary  21 Apr 1834New York state I262768
50 Beecher, Anna  7 Jan 1871New York state I199842

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Burdick, Prudence  1807New York state I196075
2 Burr, Ansel  19 Jan 1843New York state I246990
3 Chamberlin, Gurden (Gideon)  New York state I215656
4 Comstock, Mary  New York state I178775
5 Goodman, Roxie  New York state I184092
6 Griswold, John  Aug 1776New York state I194630
7 Letson, Isaiah  New York state I202739
8 Peck, Joseph  1818New York state I191972
9 Pruyn, Helena  11 Jul 1755New York state I323366
10 Rae, Elizabeth  May 1821New York state I209080
11 Vanderbilt, Eliza "Lila" Osgood  13 Jul 1936New York state I534532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackett, James Pitman "Jas"  1838New York state I172430
2 Blagge, Martha  1677New York state I112239
3 Brown, Angeline Frances  1836New York state I430099
4 Chapin, Frank  12 Jan 1816New York state I344961
5 Day, Diodate Diadette Brockway  1827New York state I22849
6 Day, William Butler  8 Apr 1831New York state I23634
7 Diver, John  2 Feb 1781New York state I241397
8 Drake, Volney C.  July 1799New York state I267817
9 Ellis, Jennie M.  Abt 1849New York state I344734
10 Fellows, Royce Leonard  5 Jan 1797New York state I4639
11 Fox, Alice M. Edith  Abt 1863New York state I339940
12 Fox, Caroline "Carrie" A.  Abt 1862New York state I339939
13 Gregory, Henry A.  Abt 1858New York state I563464
14 Hunt, Simeon  1774New York state I79005
15 Johns, Benjamin  Abt 1735New York state I303065
16 Johnson, Eliza Loanda  1830New York state I292787
17 Kelley, James D.  1832New York state I397240
18 Kelsey, Caroline Carolyn  1 Nov 1808New York state I166286
19 Layton, Hiram  10 Nov 1807New York state I70636
20 Marvin, Samuel  1843New York state I616237
21 Nicholson, Cleora Eleanor  13 Jun 1789New York state I5361
22 Nicholson, Leander Elijah  1849New York state I206748
23 Palmer, Sarah Elizabeth  15 May 1823New York state I175231
24 Purdy, Alven  New York state I295940
25 Richardson, Lyman  1829New York state I428289
26 Risley, Sylvia Jane  14 Apr 1830New York state I325331
27 Sabin, James Arvin  Abt 1847New York state I332845
28 Smith, Knighton  1871New York state I188681
29 South, Joseph David  26 Sep 1820New York state I160253
30 Walsh, Christian Welch  Abt 1766New York state I341584
31 Warner, Diadema Howard  Abt 1765New York state I212744
32 Washburn, Charlotte Mary (Washborn)  1796New York state I185990
33 Weeks, Angeline  Abt 1826New York state I332535
34 Whitman, Elizabeth Boughton  Abt 1825New York state I176966
35 Wickwire, Giles  21 May 1803New York state I40571
36 Young, Daniel  1749New York state I478289


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allyn, Temperence  1814New York state I565422
2 Arnold, Amos  Between 1855-1860New York state I580084
3 Beebe, Zadock Sr.  1835New York state I517694
4 Forest, George  1802New York state I616220
5 Mackay, George Devereax  Aft 1920New York state I462135
6 Shimer, Richard  13 Oct 1867New York state I337684


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Brown  Abt 1807New York state F178343
2 / Harmon  Abt 1766New York state F127886
3 / Harmon  Abt 1766New York state F88530
4 / Hubbell  Bef 1875New York state F178289
5 / Noyes  Abt 1809New York state F140104
6 Ackerman / Lewis  Abt 1803New York state F127030
7 Aikens / Beach  1840New York state F229514
8 Akers / McNamara  1919New York state F106958
9 Aldrich / Mills  Abt 1825New York state F63676
10 Aldrich / Parker  1850New York state F67635
11 Aldrich / Swazey  1682New York state F52392
12 Allen / Harris  Abt 1831New York state F178299
13 Allen / Morris  6 Oct 1828New York state F174615
14 Allin / Gaskell  25 Oct 1899New York state F159960
15 Allison / Johnson  4 Jul 1698New York state F182044
16 Alvord / Perkins  25 May 1819New York state F99722
17 Ames / Willey  30 Aug 1865New York state F132595
18 Anderson / Anderson  1889New York state F210365
19 Anderson / Denison  12 Feb 1858New York state F1021
20 Anderson / Lyndell  7 Oct 1697New York state F182051
21 Anderson / Pryor  12 Oct 1873New York state F1064
22 Anderson / Stevenson  26 Jun 1693New York state F182050
23 Andrus / Whitman  9 Jul 1845New York state F60740
24 Angevine / Sicard  Abt 1730New York state F126100
25 Anthony / Geritse  18 Oct 1693New York state F182057
26 Appley / Mullholland  Dec 1909New York state F203756
27 Archer / Odell  7 Oct 1686New York state F182061
28 Austin /   Abt 1838New York state F13820
29 Austin / Austin)  Abt 1821New York state F143036
30 Austin / Seward  1 Jun 1826New York state F180038
31 Avery / Vosberg  1845-1846New York state F73231
32 Axtell / Millard  31 Dec 1846New York state F6789
33 Babcock / Babcock)  1793New York state F157666
34 Babcock / Day  22 Feb 1833New York state F8974
35 Babcock / Douglas  19 May 1763New York state F139694
36 Babcock / Talmadge  Bef 1777New York state F139975
37 Bailey / Wilcox  1816New York state F177915
38 Baker / Larkin  1832-1834New York state F6916
39 Baker / Stephens  1810New York state F41090
40 Baker / Walkington  4 Sep 1693New York state F182095
41 Balch / Pomeroy  Abt 1896New York state F79220
42 Ball / Collins  31 Aug 1699New York state F182100
43 Bancker / de Peyster  31 Oct 1731New York state F107160
44 Bancker / Hooglant  16 Oct 1719New York state F107158
45 Bancker / Van Taerling  30 Jan 1729New York state F107159
46 Barker / Eckler  18 May 1834New York state F75411
47 Barnes / Goodenow  21 Jan 1838New York state F9583
48 Barnes / Lawrence  1 May 1690New York state F182118
49 Barnes / Palmer  Bef 1832New York state F62042
50 Barnes / Spafford  25 Dec 1814New York state F16380

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