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Westbury, Nassau County, NY


Latitude: 40.7556561, Longitude: -73.5876273


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clements, Joseph  1689Westbury, Nassau County, NY I433273
2 Cock, Amy  19 Feb 1708/1709Westbury, Nassau County, NY I529961
3 Cocks, Benjamin  5 Dec 1702Westbury, Nassau County, NY I464965
4 Dingee, Richard  Abt 1697Westbury, Nassau County, NY I601178
5 Dingee, Robert  Abt 1695Westbury, Nassau County, NY I601184
6 Hallock, Amy  28 Aug 1727Westbury, Nassau County, NY I685612
7 Morgan, Jasper  28 Jan 1900Westbury, Nassau County, NY I537347
8 Powell, Hannah  28 Jul 1691Westbury, Nassau County, NY I375331
9 Powell, Thomas  6 Nov 1665Westbury, Nassau County, NY I350698
10 Titus, Augustine (Austin)  21 Apr 1747Westbury, Nassau County, NY I197952
11 Titus, Benjamin  Abt 1754Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198502
12 Titus, Elizabeth  1727Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198525
13 Titus, Gilbert  1729Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198526
14 Titus, Hannah  Nov 1667Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198608
15 Titus, Israel  1738Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198487
16 Titus, James  1700Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198496
17 Titus, James  1724Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198523
18 Titus, James  22 Aug 1752Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198501
19 Titus, Jane  1733Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198527
20 Titus, John  29 Apr 1672Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198612
21 Titus, Mary  16 May 1665Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198606
22 Titus, Patience  12 Feb 1678/1679Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198617
23 Titus, Peter  24 Aug 1674Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198518
24 Titus, Peter  Abt 1756Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198503
25 Titus, Phebe  Mar 1660Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198601
26 Titus, Phebe  15 Nov 1739Westbury, Nassau County, NY I340882
27 Titus, Phebe  6 Nov 1749Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198500
28 Titus, Philadelphia  29 Nov 1700Westbury, Nassau County, NY I244832
29 Titus, Samuel  Aug 1658Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198598
30 Titus, Sarah  1735Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198528
31 Titus, Willet  Abt 1683Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198621
32 Willis, Martha Polly  1764Westbury, Nassau County, NY I375299
33 Willis, Mordacai  14 Oct 1725Westbury, Nassau County, NY I375303
34 Willis, William  14 Apr 1688Westbury, Nassau County, NY I375330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bement, Anna  20 Jul 1931Westbury, Nassau County, NY I43705
2 Clements, Joseph  16 Sep 1748Westbury, Nassau County, NY I433273
3 Cock, Henry  4 May 1733Westbury, Nassau County, NY I529936
4 Feke, Mary  30 Dec 1715Westbury, Nassau County, NY I529937
5 Jackson, Martha  1 Dec 1753Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198519
6 Powell, Hannah  5 Mar 1733/1734Westbury, Nassau County, NY I375331
7 Seaman, Jane  29 Apr 1759Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198497
8 Seaman, Richard  5 Sep 1749Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198520
9 Titus, Edmond  17 Apr 1727Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198552
10 Titus, John  4 Mar 1750/1751Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198612
11 Titus, Mary  31 Oct 1747Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198606
12 Titus, Peter  23 Oct 1753Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198518
13 Titus, Richard  Aft 1805Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198477
14 Washbourne, Martha  17 Nov 1727Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198553
15 Williams, Sarah  20 Feb 1751Westbury, Nassau County, NY I433274
16 Willis, Mordacai  Westbury, Nassau County, NY I375303
17 Willis, William  12 Oct 1744Westbury, Nassau County, NY I375330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Birdsall, Benjamin  1754Westbury, Nassau County, NY I261304


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Titus, Edmond  7 Feb 1715Westbury, Nassau County, NY I198552


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Field / Titus  24 Feb 1688/1689Westbury, Nassau County, NY F67206
2 Hoyt / Titus  5 Jul 1704Westbury, Nassau County, NY F67214
3 Seaman / Mott  1709Westbury, Nassau County, NY F219477
4 Seaman / Titus  9 Sep 1695Westbury, Nassau County, NY F67207
5 Titus / Bowne  4 May 1680Westbury, Nassau County, NY F67203
6 Titus / Smith  Abt 1746Westbury, Nassau County, NY F67155
7 Willis / Clements  1752Westbury, Nassau County, NY F134401
8 Willis / Powell  1712Westbury, Nassau County, NY F134416


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