Day Family Genealogy
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Beloit, Rock County, WI


Latitude: 42.5083482, Longitude: -89.0317765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chapin, Annie Laura  9 Jan 1867Beloit, Rock County, WI I332404
2 Chapin, Charlotte  25 Aug 1864Beloit, Rock County, WI I332406
3 Chapin, Elizabeth Colton  27 Nov 1848Beloit, Rock County, WI I332391
4 Chapin, Ellen Fanny  7 Jun 1870Beloit, Rock County, WI I332405
5 Chapin, Philip  14 Jan 1847Beloit, Rock County, WI I332389
6 Chapin, Robert Coit  4 Jan 1863Beloit, Rock County, WI I332403
7 Chapin, Wells Colton  20 Sep 1845Beloit, Rock County, WI I332390
8 Day, James Henry  6 Aug 1846Beloit, Rock County, WI I21762
9 Drury, Eugene R.  Beloit, Rock County, WI I382041
10 Fowler, William Muzzy  8 Apr 1875Beloit, Rock County, WI I44151
11 Heywood, Alice Grafton  1848Beloit, Rock County, WI I388628
12 Isham, Josephine  6 Mar 1852Beloit, Rock County, WI I520017
13 Maynard, Minnie Adams  28 Mar 1867Beloit, Rock County, WI I220806
14 Olds, Carrie E.  7 May 1856Beloit, Rock County, WI I431805
15 Olds, Herbert L.  Feb 1853Beloit, Rock County, WI I431804
16 Porter, Frank Chamberlain  5 Jan 1859Beloit, Rock County, WI I332409
17 Porter, James Quincy  25 Feb 1864Beloit, Rock County, WI I332411
18 Porter, Mary  27 Jul 1868Beloit, Rock County, WI I332412
19 Porter, William  15 Oct 1855Beloit, Rock County, WI I332410
20 Puck, George Pearl  10 Oct 1858Beloit, Rock County, WI I199506
21 Wells, Love  Abt 1789Beloit, Rock County, WI I332585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beebe, Nancy  3 Apr 1845Beloit, Rock County, WI I623361
2 Birchard, Horatio  11 Nov 1850Beloit, Rock County, WI I246351
3 Bradford, Myra Augusta Mills  1847Beloit, Rock County, WI I417538
4 Chapin, Reverend Doctor Aaron Lucius  22 Jul 1892Beloit, Rock County, WI I332373
5 Chapin, Charlotte  8 Aug 1866Beloit, Rock County, WI I332406
6 Chapin, Ellen Gertrude  3 May 1905Beloit, Rock County, WI I332375
7 Chapin, Frances  4 Apr 1863Beloit, Rock County, WI I225750
8 Chapin, Philip  6 Feb 1847Beloit, Rock County, WI I332389
9 Chapin, Wells Colton  24 Oct 1845Beloit, Rock County, WI I332390
10 Christman, Rose  6 Oct 1964Beloit, Rock County, WI I582276
11 Coit, Fanny L.  15 Sep 1904Beloit, Rock County, WI I332402
12 Colton, Martha  12 Dec 1859Beloit, Rock County, WI I332388
13 Derbyshire, Sidney Smith  January 1881Beloit, Rock County, WI I614840
14 Dickinson, Alexander  17 Dec 1851Beloit, Rock County, WI I343929
15 Dudley, Lillian  Beloit, Rock County, WI I630328
16 Eddy, Chauncy  7 Jan 1861Beloit, Rock County, WI I141190
17 Ensign, William Oscar  6 Jan 1871Beloit, Rock County, WI I166596
18 Griffith, Leonard E.  August 1887Beloit, Rock County, WI I616660
19 Main, Eliza  22 Dec 1890Beloit, Rock County, WI I429403
20 Mann, Mary Alice  1906Beloit, Rock County, WI I696762
21 McCarty, William  Beloit, Rock County, WI I607168
22 McVean, Margaret "Aunt Peggy"  Beloit, Rock County, WI I480473
23 Merrill, Orson Edwin  29 Jul 1900Beloit, Rock County, WI I271970
24 Merrill, Pardon Haynes  28 Sep 1879Beloit, Rock County, WI I271967
25 Merrill, Sereno Taylor  Oct 1905Beloit, Rock County, WI I271975
26 Murray, Horatio Jackson  8 Dec 1896Beloit, Rock County, WI I519491
27 Paine, Veirle  June 1978Beloit, Rock County, WI I471169
28 Porter, James Quincy  3 Oct 1864Beloit, Rock County, WI I332411
29 Porter, Reverend Jeremiah  25 Jul 1893Beloit, Rock County, WI I332393
30 Porter, Professor William  Nov 1917Beloit, Rock County, WI I332408
31 Purves, Thomas W.  22 Apr 1968Beloit, Rock County, WI I604608
32 Read, Martha Elizabeth  28 Dec 1916Beloit, Rock County, WI I428187
33 Ross, Muril Arleen  14 Dec 2004Beloit, Rock County, WI I690776
34 Sage, George B.  22 Oct 1928Beloit, Rock County, WI I604601
35 Sage, Myrtle D.  17 Mar 1963Beloit, Rock County, WI I604607
36 Sharp, Henry M.  7 Jul 1895Beloit, Rock County, WI I429815
37 Story, Curtis Reynolds  4 Jun 1910Beloit, Rock County, WI I523370
38 Taaffe, Lawrence  Feb 1948Beloit, Rock County, WI I226937
39 Usher, Bernard Merville  14 Sep 1962Beloit, Rock County, WI I697477
40 Wells, Love  5 Jun 1856Beloit, Rock County, WI I332585
41 Winget, Lydia May  28 Dec 1972Beloit, Rock County, WI I523891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Paine, Veirle  Beloit, Rock County, WI I471169
2 Skiff, Thirza  Beloit, Rock County, WI I24641
3 Taaffe, Lawrence  Beloit, Rock County, WI I226937


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dale, Sarah Abigail  31 Jul 1851Beloit, Rock County, WI I176813


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashley / Morse  16 Jul 1856Beloit, Rock County, WI F15168
2 Batcheller / Chapin  17 Oct 1900Beloit, Rock County, WI F117659
3 Christman / Irish  30 May 1870Beloit, Rock County, WI F144439
4 Dickinson / Cleveland  26 Dec 1842Beloit, Rock County, WI F122730
5 Fisher / Colton  29 Oct 1851Beloit, Rock County, WI F117683
6 Heywood / Blodgett  25 Jun 1841Beloit, Rock County, WI F139442
7 Porter / Chapin  2 Apr 1879Beloit, Rock County, WI F117583
8 Powers / Maynard  28 May 1890Beloit, Rock County, WI F75498