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Washington County, NY


Latitude: 43.2519472, Longitude: -73.3708696


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 West  Abt 1835Washington County, NY I349584
2 Allen, Jonathan W.  21 Aug 1800Washington County, NY I494995
3 Allen, Patience  Abt 1764Washington County, NY I338573
4 Austin, Nathan L.  19 Aug 1799Washington County, NY I220489
5 Barmore, Adna C.  25 Jan 1802Washington County, NY I332094
6 Barmore, Joanna C.  14 Feb 1805Washington County, NY I454921
7 Barmore, Nathaniel  25 Feb 1780Washington County, NY I332102
8 Beebe, Betsey  28 Apr 1795Washington County, NY I499961
9 Beebe, Ethan A.  5 Feb 1783Washington County, NY I499956
10 Beebe, Hannah  9 Jan 1781Washington County, NY I499955
11 Beebe, James  29 Jul 1788Washington County, NY I499958
12 Beebe, Peter  25 Oct 1792Washington County, NY I499960
13 Beebe, Polly  6 Jun 1778Washington County, NY I499954
14 Beebe, William  17 Feb 1790Washington County, NY I499959
15 Casten, Emily  Abt 1835Washington County, NY I349583
16 Cole, Dotha L.  12 Nov 1836Washington County, NY I110939
17 De Ridder, Jannetie Jane  27 Aug 1770Washington County, NY I334131
18 Farr, Sarah Ann  1816Washington County, NY I690181
19 Fay, George B. Washington  Abt 1818Washington County, NY I428592
20 Felt, Comfort Day  10 May 1800Washington County, NY I684591
21 Ferris, Sanders P.  Abt 1806Washington County, NY I495004
22 Fuller, Cornelius L.  27 Apr 1783Washington County, NY I302270
23 Fuller, John  1803Washington County, NY I263655
24 Fuller, Mary  20 Nov 1779Washington County, NY I302269
25 Harvey, Deborah  Abt 1804Washington County, NY I384176
26 Harvey, Rufus  29 Apr 1792Washington County, NY I59662
27 Harvey, Sylvanus  Abt 1802Washington County, NY I384175
28 Haskell, Henry  8 Apr 1816Washington County, NY I166099
29 Howard, Hiram  12 Apr 1803Washington County, NY I436672
30 Hubbard, Ellen  Washington County, NY I253365
31 Hulbert, Lester Augustus  6 Jul 1808Washington County, NY I613891
32 Hunt, David  Abt 1760Washington County, NY I338572
33 Hunt, Sylvia  24 Feb 1799Washington County, NY I165809
34 Johnson, Stephen Burr  19 May 1794Washington County, NY I611265
35 Lampman, Mary (Polly) W.  22 Sep 1796Washington County, NY I162950
36 McAllister, Jesse  22 Aug 1824Washington County, NY I456957
37 McWithey, Lester  1798Washington County, NY I200038
38 Milks, Benjamin  Abt 1799Washington County, NY I349562
39 Newell, Abigail  Abt 1755Washington County, NY I235525
40 Norton, Joseph Barlow  12 Dec 1800Washington County, NY I483068
41 Oldfield, Jonathan  1788Washington County, NY I582379
42 Parker, Betsy Jane  5 Mar 1799Washington County, NY I189923
43 Perkins, Elkanah  Abt 1790Washington County, NY I334128
44 Perkins), Phebe (Mrs.  Abt 1795Washington County, NY I334129
45 Phetteplace, Sarah  13 Dec 1790Washington County, NY I495068
46 Preston, Mary Ann  18 May 1810Washington County, NY I223410
47 Richmond, Chloe  1769Washington County, NY I486893
48 Richmond, Sylvester  1767Washington County, NY I486892
49 Sharpe, Charlotte Maria  Abt 1870Washington County, NY I250659
50 Sheldon, John  1787Washington County, NY I174038

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  29 Aug 1814Washington County, NY I193874
2 Bain, James William  1783-1784Washington County, NY I195280
3 Barber, Daniel  22 Aug 1817Washington County, NY I227895
4 Beaman, Margaret  23 Aug 1827Washington County, NY I332105
5 Beeman, Samuel D  Washington County, NY I66903
6 Beman, Silence  Aft 1840Washington County, NY I399137
7 Brown, Johanna  Abt 1773Washington County, NY I204586
8 Brownell, Elijah  29 Jul 1812Washington County, NY I174370
9 Brownell, George  15 Nov 1813Washington County, NY I174499
10 Cady, Lois Anne  10 Aug 1909Washington County, NY I521037
11 Chamberlin, Ann Eliza  9 Sep 1889Washington County, NY I521092
12 Chapin, Darius  12 Apr 1842Washington County, NY I332104
13 Chapin, Hyram  27 Aug 1805Washington County, NY I454935
14 Chapin, Joanna  1 Mar 1804Washington County, NY I454933
15 Clark, Olive  Washington County, NY I385608
16 Clement, Lydia  10 Nov 1796Washington County, NY I620706
17 Fish, Sarah  28 Sep 1825Washington County, NY I174371
18 Hubbell, Shadrach  1816Washington County, NY I113271
19 Irish, Mary  1821Washington County, NY I582360
20 Libby, Marion  Abt 1848Washington County, NY I585014
21 McMillan, Alexander  Abt 1775Washington County, NY I462649
22 Mead, Michael  Washington County, NY I475829
23 Mead, Millicent  14 Mar 1812Washington County, NY I475821
24 Otis, Sardis  17 Dec 1871Washington County, NY I690161
25 Plant, Elizabeth  1799Washington County, NY I248257
26 Root, Asahel  9 Sep 1835Washington County, NY I191170
27 Seamans, Susan Caroline  18 Jun 1860Washington County, NY I689298
28 Sherman, Samuel  Washington County, NY I385607
29 Strong, Seth Jr.  10 Feb 1830Washington County, NY I49955
30 Viele, Alida  Washington County, NY I241177
31 Webster, Rachel  29 Mar 1844Washington County, NY I676851
32 White, Benjamin  6 Mar 1764Washington County, NY I136095
33 White, William  Abt 1811Washington County, NY I621944


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Wright, Enoch Walter  Jun 1810Washington County, NY I109778


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barmore / Chapin  Nov 1799Washington County, NY F117471
2 Coolidge / Burdick  15 Apr 1797Washington County, NY F65492
3 Dalrymple / Hammond  1814Washington County, NY F127149
4 Dolph / De Wolf  10 Jun 1811Washington County, NY F152488
5 Ely / Crandall  1838Washington County, NY F1567
6 Haskins / Winegar  Abt 1796Washington County, NY F154332
7 Hitchcock / Sharpe  Abt 1889Washington County, NY F86311
8 Hunt / Allen  Abt 1791Washington County, NY F120424
9 Martindale / Culver  Abt 1792Washington County, NY F37367
10 Race / Wood  14 Oct 1903Washington County, NY F247047
11 Sperry /   1810Washington County, NY F74576
12 Stone / Dutcher  22 Nov 1840Washington County, NY F211888
13 Waite / Casten  Abt 1857Washington County, NY F124887
14 West / Ashley  20 Sep 1846Washington County, NY F15073
15 Wright / Fuller  25 Dec 1865Washington County, NY F39955


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