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Middleton, Essex County, MA


Latitude: 42.5950939, Longitude: -71.0161643


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Averill, John  2 Jan 1740Middleton, Essex County, MA I334289
2 Avery, Annie  29 Oct 1856Middleton, Essex County, MA I347760
3 Bradford, Mary  1742Middleton, Essex County, MA I334290
4 Bradford, Patience  25 Sep 1740Middleton, Essex County, MA I334304
5 Bradford, Timothy  17 Sep 1745Middleton, Essex County, MA I491373
6 Bradford, Timothy  10 Feb 1772Middleton, Essex County, MA I491353
7 Cave, Sarah  Abt 1693Middleton, Essex County, MA I334299
8 Cook, Margaret Camp  28 Dec 1828Middleton, Essex County, MA I347759
9 Dunham, Amanda  15 Nov 1798Middleton, Essex County, MA I166544
10 Dunham, Eleazur  14 Feb 1807Middleton, Essex County, MA I166537
11 Dunham, Elizabeth Green  2 Jul 1802Middleton, Essex County, MA I166541
12 Dunham, Julius  15 May 1794Middleton, Essex County, MA I166539
13 Dunham, Mary  24 Dec 1810Middleton, Essex County, MA I166546
14 Dunham, Samuel  23 Aug 1808Middleton, Essex County, MA I166542
15 Dunham, Sarah  31 Aug 1795Middleton, Essex County, MA I166543
16 Dunham, William  6 Mar 1792Middleton, Essex County, MA I166538
17 Elliot, Experience  12 Apr 1730Middleton, Essex County, MA I627235
18 Elliot, Francis  1695Middleton, Essex County, MA I627258
19 Flint, Anna  9 Jun 1718Middleton, Essex County, MA I111052
20 Foster, John  1705Middleton, Essex County, MA I208872
21 Foster, Ruth  Aug 1731Middleton, Essex County, MA I208837
22 Fuller, Eunice  1735Middleton, Essex County, MA I75180
23 Fuller, Ruth  Middleton, Essex County, MA I664301
24 Hinman, William Allen  December 1852Middleton, Essex County, MA I621800
25 Howe, John  Abt 1689Middleton, Essex County, MA I334298
26 Howe, Zeruah  15 May 1715Middleton, Essex County, MA I334294
27 Hubbard, Mary  1678Middleton, Essex County, MA I127713
28 Hubbard, Mary  1686Middleton, Essex County, MA I127716
29 Hubbard, Mehitable  1683Middleton, Essex County, MA I127715
30 Hubbard, Sarah  1681Middleton, Essex County, MA I127714
31 Hutchinson, Joseph  Abt 1716Middleton, Essex County, MA I343109
32 Hutchinson, Ruth  Abt 1742Middleton, Essex County, MA I343106
33 Hutchinson), Sarah (Mrs.  Abt 1720Middleton, Essex County, MA I343110
34 Lambert, Mary  Abt 1715Middleton, Essex County, MA I334296
35 Perkins, Elliot  18 Sep 1786Middleton, Essex County, MA I664847
36 Perkins, Hannah  Abt 1727Middleton, Essex County, MA I343108
37 Porter, Julia Ann Maria  23 Jan 1814Middleton, Essex County, MA I111030
38 Ragin, Catherine  1707Middleton, Essex County, MA I208873
39 Russell, Betsy  18 Sep 1773Middleton, Essex County, MA I343099
40 Smith, Mary  15 Nov 1772Middleton, Essex County, MA I342295
41 Tubbs, Abigail  14 Apr 1757Middleton, Essex County, MA I638621
42 Wilkins, Mary  29 Oct 1710Middleton, Essex County, MA I661998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Foster, Ruth  27 Sep 1731Middleton, Essex County, MA I208837
2 Howe, Zeruah  15 May 1715Middleton, Essex County, MA I334294
3 Starr, Mary  31 Dec 1671Middleton, Essex County, MA I127894


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Sarah  16 Oct 1732Middleton, Essex County, MA I334297
2 Bacon, Mary  17 Jul 1741Middleton, Essex County, MA I129846
3 Barnes, Abigail  22 May 1723Middleton, Essex County, MA I126863
4 Barton, Edmund  13 Dec 1799Middleton, Essex County, MA I111051
5 Baxter, Priscilla  1715Middleton, Essex County, MA I126071
6 Bixby, Jonathan  1780-1781Middleton, Essex County, MA I599624
7 Bradford, William  1761Middleton, Essex County, MA I334302
8 Chapin, Jonas  Middleton, Essex County, MA I694152
9 Clark, Mary  24 Dec 1673Middleton, Essex County, MA I127710
10 Fuller, Thomas  1753Middleton, Essex County, MA I698576
11 Gage, Abraham  1774Middleton, Essex County, MA I491421
12 Peabody, Francis  23 Apr 1769Middleton, Essex County, MA I85784
13 Putnam, Edward  23 Oct 1755Middleton, Essex County, MA I88259
14 Putnam, Ezra  22 Oct 1747Middleton, Essex County, MA I88266
15 Russell, Deborah  Abt 1799Middleton, Essex County, MA I627312
16 Shepard, Charles Franklin  4 Mar 1910Middleton, Essex County, MA I173632
17 Simmons, Samuel  18 Jun 1682Middleton, Essex County, MA I167013
18 Symonds, Samuel  7 Jul 1755Middleton, Essex County, MA I167017
19 Wilkins, Anna  5 Jun 1773Middleton, Essex County, MA I126065


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Averill / Howe  27 Apr 1737Middleton, Essex County, MA F118393
2 Avery / Cook  19 Nov 1851Middleton, Essex County, MA F124232
3 Bradford / How  29 Mar 1764Middleton, Essex County, MA F176792
4 Bradford / Lambert  18 Jan 1737Middleton, Essex County, MA F118394
5 Bradford / Taylor  29 Dec 1743Middleton, Essex County, MA F176794
6 Cole / Gallup  Abt 1680Middleton, Essex County, MA F24777
7 Curtis / Peabody  8 Oct 1765Middleton, Essex County, MA F220813
8 Foster / Ragin  14 Dec 1730Middleton, Essex County, MA F71080
9 Fuller / Putnam  11 Nov 1730Middleton, Essex County, MA F160864
10 Knight / Dresser  17 Feb 1741Middleton, Essex County, MA F171449
11 McIntire / Elliot  13 Dec 1750Middleton, Essex County, MA F226878
12 Peabody / Trask  13 Apr 1749Middleton, Essex County, MA F160832


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