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Berkshire County, MA


Latitude: 42.3117820, Longitude: -73.1821623


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angell, Anna  12 Jan 1793Berkshire County, MA I573467
2 Angell, Asa  1779Berkshire County, MA I573460
3 Angell, Daniel  1783Berkshire County, MA I573462
4 Angell, Ethan  1798Berkshire County, MA I573471
5 Angell, John  1786Berkshire County, MA I573464
6 Angell, Mary  1788Berkshire County, MA I573465
7 Angell, Naomi  1785Berkshire County, MA I573463
8 Angell, Nedabiah  1781Berkshire County, MA I573461
9 Beach, Caleb  Berkshire County, MA I481742
10 Beach, Daniel  5 Nov 1783Berkshire County, MA I481722
11 Beach, Henry Matthew  26 Jan 1802Berkshire County, MA I337572
12 Beach, Hezekiah  Berkshire County, MA I481743
13 Beach, Margaret  Berkshire County, MA I481739
14 Beach, Nathaniel  2 Apr 1774Berkshire County, MA I481740
15 Beaman, Margaret  Abt 1761Berkshire County, MA I332105
16 Bishop, Bohan  Abt 1782Berkshire County, MA I597111
17 Bradway, Richard  1768Berkshire County, MA I575863
18 Bradway, Sylvanus  1775Berkshire County, MA I575866
19 Bradway, William  1774Berkshire County, MA I575865
20 Chesebrough, Cynthia  6 Mar 1796Berkshire County, MA I657384
21 Chesebrough, Elihu  Abt 1799Berkshire County, MA I657386
22 Chesebrough, Martha  26 Dec 1797Berkshire County, MA I657385
23 Clark, Charles Kellogg  Abt 1805Berkshire County, MA I287645
24 Clark, Jefferson Burr  Dec 1812Berkshire County, MA I287647
25 Crary, Christopher Gore  21 Jan 1806Berkshire County, MA I608016
26 Creek, Samuel  24 Jul 1829Berkshire County, MA I564235
27 Eggleston, Asa  14 Aug 1794Berkshire County, MA I62953
28 Fairfield, George Dunbar  Berkshire County, MA I342841
29 Gillet, Sarah McCauley  Abt 1812Berkshire County, MA I441691
30 Gleason, Flora Clarinda  2 Aug 1819Berkshire County, MA I175899
31 Glick, Anna Magdalena  16 Aug 1776Berkshire County, MA I702060
32 Glick, Christine  Abt 1795Berkshire County, MA I702115
33 Glick, Elisabeth  Abt 1792Berkshire County, MA I702111
34 Glick, Eva  Abt 1778Berkshire County, MA I702101
35 Glick, George  29 Dec 1779Berkshire County, MA I702103
36 Glick, Henry  10 Oct 1796Berkshire County, MA I702117
37 Glick, Jacob  25 Dec 1786Berkshire County, MA I702108
38 Glick, John  22 Oct 1777Berkshire County, MA I702100
39 Glick, Jonathan  Abt 1775Berkshire County, MA I702099
40 Glick, Maria  Abt 1793Berkshire County, MA I702113
41 Glick, Peter  2 Jan 1785Berkshire County, MA I702107
42 Glick, Philip II  Abt 1790Berkshire County, MA I702110
43 Glick, Susannah  1780Berkshire County, MA I702105
44 Graves, Lucretia  29 Apr 1816Berkshire County, MA I182343
45 Harvey, Eunice B.  9 Mar 1807Berkshire County, MA I175038
46 Hathaway, Anna  14 Jul 1844Berkshire County, MA I193497
47 Johnson, Cynthia  Abt 1780Berkshire County, MA I479592
48 Kellogg, Enos  24 Apr 1776Berkshire County, MA I230154
49 Lewis, Mary  12 Feb 1793Berkshire County, MA I429652
50 Loomis, Levi  6 Nov 1801Berkshire County, MA I421479

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Tamar  Berkshire County, MA I200586
2 Bradway, Richard  Bef 1790Berkshire County, MA I462573
3 Brittain, Patience  Berkshire County, MA I462581
4 Chesebrough, Martha  Berkshire County, MA I657385
5 Garfield, Thankful  Berkshire County, MA I304587
6 Kellogg, Lois  1798Berkshire County, MA I205205
7 Lattin, Mercy  7 Sep 1830Berkshire County, MA I210693
8 Markham, Alfred  4 Mar 1888Berkshire County, MA I493903
9 McKnight, James  27 Mar 1799Berkshire County, MA I288130
10 McKnight), Susanna (Mrs.  27 Nov 1812Berkshire County, MA I288131
11 Minor, Rufus  18 Mar 1825Berkshire County, MA I218686
12 Minor, Timothy  1789Berkshire County, MA I446584
13 Palmer, Frances M  Between 1880-1900Berkshire County, MA I656168
14 Pixley, Obediah  11 Nov 1747Berkshire County, MA I69990
15 Rew, Jedidiah  Abt 1792Berkshire County, MA I256990
16 Rew, John  Abt Aug 1762Berkshire County, MA I256979
17 Royce, Titus (Rice)  1798-1799Berkshire County, MA I87468
18 Stevens, Samuel  1 Sep 1754Berkshire County, MA I205108
19 Webster, Chloe Jane  Berkshire County, MA I496311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Smith, Philinda  Berkshire County, MA I465250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Otis, David  6 May 1770Berkshire County, MA I2843
2 Warner, Anna  Abt 1788Berkshire County, MA I531561


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Angell / Brown  Abt 1777Berkshire County, MA F206402
2 Barnes / Arnold  26 Oct 1841Berkshire County, MA F22869
3 Barnes / Bassett  22 Sep 1814Berkshire County, MA F16403
4 Barnes / Crampton  Abt 1821Berkshire County, MA F22867
5 Booth / Peirce  Abt 1860Berkshire County, MA F246220
6 Covell / Hollis  3 Jun 1791Berkshire County, MA F154944
7 Day / Loveland  18 Feb 1849Berkshire County, MA F12464
8 Doane / Catline  14 Feb 1802Berkshire County, MA F197675
9 Gleason / Johnson  Bef 1800Berkshire County, MA F172426
10 Goodell / Brooks  Abt 1827Berkshire County, MA F158203
11 Hill / Kellogg  29 Sep 1801Berkshire County, MA F99919
12 Huntley / Cook  Abt 1776Berkshire County, MA F230062
13 Livingston / Martindale  9 Jan 1771Berkshire County, MA F70084
14 Markham / Race  Abt 1807Berkshire County, MA F177807
15 Martindale / Gray  1781Berkshire County, MA F6460
16 Mattoon / Martindale  8 Nov 1769Berkshire County, MA F72179
17 Morgan / Gillet  12 Sep 1832Berkshire County, MA F158671
18 Rice / Delamater  Berkshire County, MA F135075
19 Sheldon / Kellogg  7 Sep 1724/1726Berkshire County, MA F91668
20 Smith / Parmenter  Aft 1794Berkshire County, MA F71583
21 Smith / Pickett  Abt 1797Berkshire County, MA F166933
22 Trescott / Cobb  Abt 1810Berkshire County, MA F69065


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