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Bristol, Gloucestershire, England


Latitude: 51.4545130, Longitude: -2.5879100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blanch, Richard  1704Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I583474
2 Brown, John W.  1753Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I351671
3 Cary, John  1610Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I105589
4 Cary, Samuel  1743Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I442149
5 Chambers, Alfred  3 Aug 1843Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I357016
6 Cole, Henry  1627Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I195062
7 Collins, William James  14 May 1850Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I41614
8 Cory, William  21 May 1634Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I114435
9 Cottle, William Henry  24 Jul 1859Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13312
10 Dole, Richard  1624Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I120174
11 Eddy, William  1558Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I66042
12 France, Mary  1700Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I544123
13 Goodman, William Nicholas  9 Sep 1841Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I436142
14 Harrison, Sarah  Abt 1628Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I530974
15 Johns, Richard  29 Mar 1649Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I531069
16 Lowell, Percival  Abt 1571Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I136714
17 Luce, Henry  Abt 1640Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I262018
18 Luttrell, Colonel  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I153307
19 Lynn, Henry  Abt 1610Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I419346
20 Makepeace, Esther (Hester)  21 Jul 1634Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I259988
21 Makepeace, Hannah  Between 1626-1629Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I677407
22 Makepeace, Joseph  20 Sep 1646Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I677409
23 Makepeace, Mary  Abt 1628Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I677406
24 Makepeace, Waitawhile  22 May 1641Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I677408
25 Morris, Charles  1675Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I674793
26 Oliver, Elizabeth  12 Apr 1624Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I407731
27 Owens, George Sr.  1640Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I329372
28 Paschall, Thomas Jr.  1665Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I339672
29 Phippes, Joan  1605Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628269
30 Pickman, Nathaniel  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I142083
31 Pierce, John  Abt 1617Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I220678
32 Price, Walter  1613Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I88049
33 Sackett, Simon Jr.  1630Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I250899
34 Sargent, William  1624Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628233
35 Sergent, William  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I510013
36 Stone, Susannah  24 Dec 1830Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I19803
37 Thomas, Elizabeth  Aft 1654Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I531005
38 Thomas, Philip  Abt 1624Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I530973
39 Thomas, Philip  9 Sep 1647Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I530998
40 Thomas, Sarah  Abt 1649Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I531000
41 Throop, William  1634Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I109436
42 Vickers, Abraham  ASBT 1695Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I544122
43 Wadleigh, Mary  1630Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I482509
44 Wathen, Edmund  1597Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628274
45 Wathen, George  1563Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628260
46 Wathen, George  1595Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628270
47 Wathen, William  1592Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628267
48 Wathen), Joan (Mrs.  1605Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628275
49 Wathen), Rachel (Mrs.  1599Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628268
50 Watson, Richard Henry  26 Mar 1855Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I178800

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Makepeace, Esther (Hester)  21 Jul 1634Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I259988


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Morgan, Elizabeth  Jan 1637/1638Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I213477
2 Morgan, William  19 Jan 1628/1629Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I66805
3 Wathen, Ann  January 1604Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628276
4 Wathen, William  June 1629Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628267
5 Wathen), Rachel (Mrs.  March 1627Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I628268
6 Woodbury, Isaac  14 Aug 1701Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I698665


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Paschall, Thomas Jr.  1667Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I339672


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Lowell, Percival  1639Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I136714
2 Morgan, Miles  Mar 1636Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I41035


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wathen / Wathen)  1620Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F227225
2 Wathen / Wathen)  1628Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F227229


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