Day Family Genealogy
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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
52 S52 IGI Conn. 1992
53 S53 Family of Rev. Peter Bulkeley, 1933.
54 S54 Foote Family, The: or the Descendants of Nathaniel Foote, one of the First
55 S55 Paul Bigelow 114 Westvale, Waterloo, ON WWW:
56 S56 IGI New York 1992
57 S57 Genealogy, Central New York, Volume II
58 S2333
59 S59 Some of the Descendants of William Williams of Salem, Mass., by George E.
60 S60 The Colchester Cemeteries
61 S61 Billy D. Day's Family Tree
62 S62 Holly M. Durfee, 5 Black Oak Dr., East Lyme, CT 06333
63 S63 Steve Carter: WWW
64 S64 Bible of Lucy Day, born 1756
65 S65 Beebe Genealogy, by Clarence Beebe, 1904. R929.2 B391 book held in Syracuse
66 S67 Descendants of John Day and Grace Spencer
67 S68 Janet's Line
68 S69 Descendants of Ephraim Day & Sarah Ackley
69 S70 IGI Vermont 1992
70 S71 Descendants of Abraham Day and Irene Foote
71 S72 Descendants of Anna Day and Joseph Skinner
72 S73 The Hosford Genealogy, by Norman F. Hosford and David H. Hosford, 1993 R929.2
73 S74 IGI Michigan 1992
74 S75 Wilson Family - The Beckler Family Tree
75 S76 IGI Conn. 1988
76 S77 Strong Family - The Beckler Family Tree
77 S78 Field Genealogy, by Frederick Clifton Pierce, 1901. R929.2 F45p V.1 book held
78 S79 Clark-Clarke Families, by Prentiss Glazier, 1973. R929.2 C54gL3. Book held
79 S80 Pratt Family of England & Connecticut
80 S81 Stephen M. Lawson - Internet
81 S82 Kelloggs in New England, The
82 S83 Descendants of Joseph Ely - Jennings Genealogical Database
83 S84 Social Security Death Index
84 S85 Personal and family records
85 S86 History of Wabasha County
86 S87 Fern Gunter, 920 Dixie St., Mt. Home, AR 72653 USAFern Gunter, 920 Dixie St.,
87 S88 Emily Dickinson ahnentafel
88 S89 Descendants of Robert Day - by Barbara McIlrath
89 S90 Colchester Cemeteries
90 S91 Descendants of William Pratt from England to Hartford and Saybrook, CT.
91 S92 Biographical Dictionary of New England Settlers
92 S93 Stebbins Family History
93 S94 Ancestors of Ralph James Turner
94 S95 Hatch Family Genealogy and History, 1925. R929.2 H28h book held in Syracuse
95 S96 Jennings Genealogical Database
96 S97 New England Parish Families, by Roswell Parish, 1938. R929.2 P218
97 S98 Phelps Register Report - Sam Behling
98 S99 Austin Genealogical Database - Internet
99 S100 Descendants of Ralph Baguley - Family Tree Ancestry
100 S102 Brian Tompsett Data Author: Funk & Wagnall's WWW

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