Day Family Genealogy
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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
151 S154 Eugene H. Beach Jr. genealogy - GENDEX
152 S155 The Encyclopedia Americana, Volume 8
153 S156 igi ma
154 S157 Clarence Day's, Jr. books
155 S158 Descendants of Abraham Voorhees and Adrianna Suydam
156 S159 Descendants of Dudley Mortimer Day - by Peggy Grant
157 S160 Henry Burt of Springfield 1640, R929.2 B95
158 S161 IGI Ohio 1992
159 S162 The Connecticut Nutmegger, Vol 12 No 2, Sept 1979
160 S163 Births Triangle 1849 Broome Co., NY.
161 S164 Kilborne Family - Sam Behling
162 S165 Descendants of John Arnold
163 S166 Moody Family - Sam Behling
164 S167 Gaylord Register - Sam Behling
165 S168 Descendants of Gerard/Jarrett Spencer of Bedfordshire, England
166 S169 Spencer Family - Sam Behling
167 S170 Spencer Family - The Beckler Family Tree
168 S171 Thomas Shaylor Family, The - Article in the CT Nutmegger
169 S172 Newberry Family - The Beckler Family Tree
170 S173 IGI Ontario 1992
171 S174 Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson, by Dr. Elenor V. Smith, 1978.
172 S175 IGI New Hamsphire 1992
173 S176 The Thomas Shaylor Family of Haddam, CT by Harrison Shaler 1975.
174 S177 Descendants of Richard Brown
175 S178 John Stevenson of Boston, ca 1637 and his descendants
176 S179 Descendants of Richard Baldwin and Elizabeth Alsop of New England
177 S180 Wait Family - Sam Behling
178 S181 Children of Lucius and Almira (Frost) Day
179 S182 Children of Lucius and Almira (Frost) Day - by Edward Day
180 S183 Personal research at Syracuse Public Library
181 S184 Loomis Genealogy: WWW
182 S185 Bigelow Family Assoc. - internet
183 S186 Tom Wetmore Ancestry
184 S187 Bigelow Family - Sam Behling
185 S188 Ancestors of Robert C. Bradley
186 S189 Foote Ancestry in England
187 S190 Tom Wetmore Ancestry - Internet
188 S191 Samuel Smith Family History - Internet
189 S192 The Connecticut Nutmegger
190 S193 Barb & Stu's Genealogy
191 S194 Descendants of Nathaniel Chauncy and Abigail Strong of New England
192 S195 Descendants of Roger Chapin - Jennings Genealogical Database
193 S196 Wolcott Family History
194 S197 Wolcott Family History - Internet
195 S198 Pitkin Family History - Internet
196 S199 Descendants of George Griswold and Dousabel Leigh of England and Connecticut
197 S200 Descendants of Richard Church - Jennings Genealogical Database
198 S201 Descendants of John Brown and Dorothy of England and New England
199 S202 Henry Burt Descendants - Jennings Genealogical Database
200 S203 Chapin Ancestry in England

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